Thursday, 01 June 2017 18:38

Top 20 APPs of 2017

As we cross the mid point of 2017, we thought it would be a good time to take a look at the current app at the top of the charts.  While many of these may be framiliar to most of us, there are a few that you might not expect.

1. FACEBOOK: Many Millennials have never spent a day without this social network where we can witness and share others' and our lives with our family, friends, and the world.

2. FACEBOOK MESSENGER: A telephone receiver has not been cradled in decades. We want our questions and answers, and perhaps most importantly our opinions to go on the record. Once said, forgotten. Once written and read, forever documented; thus, it is valid.

3. GOOGLE SEARCH: Who, what, when, where and how information on any subject is seconds away by our flying fingers and our cell phones.

4. YOUTUBE: Movies, Videos and how-to's are entertaining; viral individuals' antics and recaps on broadcast happenings, whether it be yesterday or a decade ago are all here.

5. GOOGLE MAPS: Far beyond giving us directions for an errand or trip, this is a window to our world, wherever we happen to live, bringing it all up close and personal.

6. GMAIL: The typewritten office memo may still be around, but the speed and replies that become possible within minutes make the in- and out-boxes archaic.

7. INSTRAGRAM: 2017 telegrams complete with graphics and photos are at our fingertips. Again, speed and instant feedback are available 24/7.

8. ITUNES: Music, and more music.

9. YAHOO STOCKS: Financial planning takes seconds and extensive profiles are created and maintained on this user-friendly site. No need to have an investor's degree; anyone can do it!

10. TWITTER: Tweeting has never meant more to us in our lives, and millions of tweets take place every single day internationally. More is said using this App than we could have ever imagined.

11. AMAZON used to be where savvy computer users bought books. Now you can buy clothing, housewares, games and snacks. Shopping was never so easy.

12. PININTEREST: What does it look like? What am I trying to remember the name of? Images of everything past and present remain here for your viewing pleasure.

13. NETFLIX: Addictive, entertaining, no matter the time or place, I get to watch (almost) any movie, any TV series, any documentary I want. This had led to days spent in bed. Days. I wouldn't live without it.

14. WEATHER CHANNEL: When planning a wedding, birthday party or other outdoor function, how do you know that it might rain? This useful accurate way of predicting future best dates.

15. EBAY: This brings the auction house to you! It is exciting to bid and win on any item you simply MUST have.

16. SPOTIFY: This brings millions of tunes to you in seconds.

17. VZ NAVIGATOR: Never get lost again when going somewhere new; should you take a wrong turn, it will bring you back on track.

18, 19 and 20. GOOGLE PLAY: This is where you get all your wonderful Apps. This includes DUOLINGO, your private new language-learning tutor, and MARCO POLO, a video-skype mobile App.

App development of mobile apps have made our cells absolutely necessary in our lives today, and the progress is staggering.