Wednesday, 19 June 2019 16:54

Apps Everyone in Seattle Should Own

Seattle is not only a high-tech city but also one with its own unique set of complexities. Because of this, residents of the Emerald City have their own unique needs when it comes to smartphone apps. Here are some of the apps that fulfill these needs the best:


Seattle Freeways

If you live or work in Seattle and commute by car, you really need Seattle Freeways. The app not only gives you real-time traffic maps for all the city's freeways, but it also provides live camera footage from many locations around the area. If this was not enough reason to download it, the app further notifies you of anything that might delay you while you are on your current route.

One drawback is the app is only available for iOS devices.

Best Parking

Best Parking is another great app if you often drive in Seattle. This app not only helps you find a parking spot in the city, but it also helps you find the best prices for them and the most convenient locations. It does this by displaying a map of your current location along with prices of nearby lots. The app further gives you a nice incentive to report up-to-date prices of lots, by giving you a $5 Starbucks e-gift card for every update you provide the app.

One Bus Away

If you travel around Seattle by bus instead of by car you need One Bus Away. This app provides a wealth of features. First, it can help you plan out your trip, by finding you the best route and the best location to catch a bus. It also provides real-time traffic data so you can find out just how late you are going to be. Finally, the app shows you places near bus stops you can go while you are traveling.

Seattle Food Truck

Having Seattle Food Truck in your phone means that you will never again have to wonder where to get a great quick bite in Seattle. It helps you find the best food trucks in any part of the city, while letting you know their schedules and if any are holding special events. It even provides photos of all the delectables the trucks offer.

Cocktail Culture

With so many great bars and clubs in the city, it can be hard to decide where to go at night, especially if you find yourself in an unfamiliar neighborhood. This is where Cocktail Culture comes into play. It will help you find just the right spot, not only for a particular location but also for a particular time. It can even tell you the best place to go for a specific type of drink or for a specific budget.

Seattle Pipeline

With Seattle Pipeline, you will never again have to wonder what to do in your free time. The app shows you the best events going on wherever you happen to be. This includes both happy hours and ticket giveaways. It also provides you with a plethora of local news, so you have something to read while you are getting to one of these events.