Tuesday, 31 July 2018 17:42

Programming Languages

Learning one language is hard enough, but learning two languages? A lot of software developers think you should know more than one language if you are going to work in software development. They feel it is going to make your job a lot less stressful. 

What languages though?

You do not want to waste your time picking the wrong language to study, do you? When push comes to shove, there are 6 languages every developer and programmer should know. Learning these languages is going to make your job in general app development and mobile app development easier. 


It started as a web language. Now it is being used in everything from backend servers to internet devices. This language is a very popular one to use. It does have somewhat of a checkered past because of its unpredictable behavior. However, those problems, we have been told, have since been resolved. Software developers find it very useful and popular. 

FYI: Everyone uses this one for the most part. 


Java is known by many to be the "workhorse" of the technology age. it has been around for more than a decade. It does everything from writing video games to web design. Java and JavaScript have worked successfully together. 

FYI: The people who use it the most are software engineers and architects.


The data can be used in everything from small library codes to big city corporations. Python supports a wide range of platforms. Python has been used in large website design applications and small mobile app development. 

FYI: The people who use this language the most is data engineers and software engineers. 

What is PHP?

PHP has been used to help users with everything from web service to app issues. PHP is a hypertext preprocessing programming language. A lot of people use it in HTML. It does have its shortcomings, like anything else, but it does get the job done. Do you use Google or Facebook a lot? You are going to find it there. 

FYI: The people who use this one the most are web developers and PHP WordPress developers.


It is generally known as an "object-oriented" language. It is easy to understand. It is very simple to use. It has a lot of libraries inside, so you do not have to reinvent the wheel, so to speak. 

FYI: The people who use this language the most are web developers, NET developers, and full-stack developers. 


This works off precise applications and efficient memory use. That is why it is a favorite with gamers and business models.


It is never too late to learn something new. Go online today and better yourself with a new way of seeing things.